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Welcome To Our College | Jagdam College is organising Science Camp of INSPIRE Internship during October 27th to 31st October. 2013.

Principal Desk

This is an era of global awareness and tough competition. An institution has vast area of work to perform for the benefit of the society. Its duty is not only confined to disseminate the knowledge of academic pursuit rather it is highly concerned to the day-to-day happenings of the society. So it must take extensive work.
        For the overall development of students an institution has to provide a congenial   atmosphere to build up their academic, moral and cultural excellence as well as to instill enthusiastic fervor in them to reach their destination.
    The head of the institution should have a wide vision for the overall development of the institution. He should follow the principal of participative management. He should make a cohesive coordination among teachers, students and guardians.
I am, being the principal of this institution trying my best to ensure discipline and academic atmosphere in the college premises and to make the students research oriented.
 I am very much thankful to teachers, non teaching staff and local guardians for providing their cooperation and support to me for overall improvement of this college.  


दम, दम, दम - हरकदम, हरदम

हम हैं, हम हैं जगदम, जगदम

सम्पूर्ण विकास के, समाज के उत्थान के

कटिबद्ध हम, हमारा जगदम |   

Dr. Krishan Kumar Baitha